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Comfy Tennis Shoes For Women

Comfy Tennis Shoes For Women

There are many different aspects to look for when it comes to buying tennis shoes. Do they have good support? Can they grip well? How well are their shock absorbers? And most importantly, do they look good? That’s why we have compiled the most comfortable tennis shoes to wear, to help you when it comes to that fatal time of buying your next pair of tennis shoes – we guarantee these will help you win that all important final match.

First up are the Wilson Tour Vision II, a loyal brand that have been making tennis shoes for years. The Wilson Tour Vision II have a deep herringbone tread and rubber soles with a cushiony padding, providing excellent comfort when playing on a hard court. Its ReactionGel technology in the heel and forefoot will act as great shock absorbers. When playing a long match, it is common to get a terrible pain in your ankle, which is why the Wilson shoe is made with an ortholite comfort  foam sockliner around the ankle, to provide padding and prevent pains. It is also made with an over-moulded toe guard, to ensure protection to your toes when the ball comes hurling towards you! They are light, comfortable and don’t look bad either – available in colours Royal, White and Black. Check TwoComfyShoes for more details regarding the best shoes for women and men.

tennis-shoesNext are the KSwiss BigShot, which claim to be their lightest performance shoe they have made up until now. Their upper soles are made of a blend of synthetic leather and mesh, providing lightweight support and excellent breathability for when things get particularly active. More importantly, the K-EVA midsole has been enhanced for cushiony support. Similar to the Wilson Tour Vision II, the sole is made of a herringbone tread, excellent for gripping on many different courts, be it clay or concrete. However it’s their lightness that stands out, weighing only 12.8 ounces (for a size 10.5 shoe). Its design isn’t offensive, which makes it a very modest, yet powerful shoe.

Now, what’s good for Andy Murray has got to be good for our feet, right? The Adidas Adipower Barricade 7.0, recently worn by the winner of Wimbledon himself, are lightweight like the KSwiss tennis shoes, and will provide plenty of cushioning for those tired feet of yours. They are very breathable, as the upper sole is perforated and the tongue is made of air mesh to allow the fresh air to get to your feet easily. As said before, these are very comfortables shoes, especially since the insoles are made of moulded EVA soles and a material lining to provide extra comfort. Another brilliant aspect is these Adidas tennis shoes have an excellent grip as they are made with stability claws, to ensure you don’t fall over when having to change direction quickly! Their Adiwear6 outsoles also provides superb durability, so you shouldn’t have to go out and buy a new pair in a long while.

Another tennis shoe that has caught the eye of the public is the Yonex SHT-PRO EX, as they were the shoes worn by Stanislas Wawrinka who won the Australian open final 2014. Shoes of a champion, they claim to be elite performance shoes, which they certainly are. They are designed in a way to provide maximum support, which is why they are on our Most Comfortable Tennis Shoe list. They are made for use on all courts – their outsoles are made of endurance rubber, enabling the player to move smoothly across the court. The midsoles are made with a Power Cushion for maximum comfort. In terms of design, they are classic, likeable and available in different colours – White/Red and Orange. They are also designed in a way that they reduce impact when you land on the court, as Yonex are made by the most advanced materials that actually absorb the shock for you – brilliant!

Now what would a list of most comfortable tennis shoes be without mentioning Nike? The Nike Zoom Vapor 9 were created by a unique collaboration between Roger Federer and Nike designer, Tinker Hatfield. Their fit is described as ‘glove-like’ and feature layers of soft material that wraps around the mid foot and arch from underneath the foot, and is adjustable by the laces. Another reason why they feature on this most comfortable tennis shoe list is because they are made with responsive cushioning made from Phylon, meaning they will provide extra comfort during those long matches. The Nike Zoom are all about the cushioning as the technology is in the name – the Nike Zoom cushioning is lightweight and durable. Its thinness brings your feet closer to the court and quickly bounces back to its former shape, giving you extra support. Like the Adidas Barricades, they are brilliant for those times in a match when you need to turn quickly, as they are supported with a foot frame that cleverly wraps from the mid foot to the heel, providing extra stability. Their upper is made from mesh and the overlay from synthetic leather, creating a ‘locked down’ feel. The outsole is also made from herringbone for great traction, and flexible grooves for added flexibility when flying around the court. Their design is modern but not too over the top – they are available in colours White, Red, Black and Green.

All in all, there are many options when it comes to buying tennis shoes, especially when it comes to comfort. To re-cap, The Wilson Tour Vision II are the best for protection and playing on hard court; the KSwiss Bigshot are the best lightweight option; the Adidas Barricade 7.0 are the most durable tennis shoe; the best shock absorbers are the Yonex SHT-Proex, and the most comfortable are the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 because of their Nike Zoom cushioning technology – however they are all excellent contenders for when it comes to picking that comfortable tennis shoe that will get you winning that match.

Hairstyle Trends in 2014

Hairstyle Trends in 2014

hairstylesThe experts have spoken and the hottest hairstyle trends in 2014 were seen on the most renowned catwalks as part of shows created by famous stylists and designers. It appears that the perfect hair day routine is not in style anymore because in 2014 new hairstyles have conquered the top positions as trends to follow. From braids, curls and ponytails to gloss shine and androgyny looks, these are the X factor you wish to have if your goal is to make a statement. Here are the top 6 hottest hairstyles in 2014:

1.    High shine
This hairstyle creates the effect of wet hair, but the difference is that the hair is glossy not oily. This flat to the head look can be perfectly combined with a low ponytail or loose hair going down the shoulders, thus creating a perfect contrast between textures. This can be done with a good hair straightener.

Check out PrimeHairTools to read about the best hair tools: flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons and many more hair products.

2.    Messy plaits
Plaits are in a continuous never ending trend, but that’s all right, we don’t mind, because in the end the result is gorgeous. In 2014 they are either matte or glossy, but they are always quite messy. This type of hairstyle represents those that are not the perfectionist type or better yet are somewhat dizzy.

Just go crazy with your hair.

3.    Sporty
One of the celebrities that have demonstrated that you do not have to wear a gym outfit to create that craved luxury – sports look is Victoria Beckham. She made a statement when she combined her hair with stretchy headbands and flashy visors. Be bold, be confident in what you wear and you will obtain the perfect sport chic look. Isn’t it great when you can combine fashion with practical clothes?

4.    True romance
This type of hairstyle is generally created for those that have to attend different social gatherings like weddings or other private and relaxed parties, and are also looking for something to inspire a romantic attitude and create a gorgeous yet simple outfit. The dreamy up-dos and the ethereal composition are in style in 2014, creating a carefree approach.

Best Makeup Brush Sets

Best Makeup Brush Sets

Buying just one brush at a time may be uncomfortable, but getting them all in the same package is great. Buying all the makeup brushes you need at once has other advantages too – first of all you get to have a set – all brushes will look the same and they will belong to the same brand; you will save some money because acquiring a set is cheaper than buying more brushes individually (you could also benefit for a promotion) and you won’t have to buy a pouch neither because they all come in one designed especially for them.

Now let’s see the top makeup brush setsbrush set img which will make you fall in love with them.

Our first choice is the 6 piece starter set from Ecotools. This one is more than perfect for someone who has just started using makeup and it contains everything a starter needs – blush brush, eye shading brush, foundation brush, angled eyeliner brush and lash and brow groomer. All pieces are of high quality, soft and stiff in the same time. They are also ecological and environmental friendly.

For more advanced makeup lovers, we have found a great makeup brush set from e.l.f. It is called Essential Professional 9 pc. Brush Set and it contains the following brushes: face brush, blushing/bronzing/blending  brush, foundation brush, defining eye brush, eye brush, smudge eye sponge, eye liner brush, brow comb/brush lip and defining brush. They are resistant in time (you can use them for years), they are soft to the skin and the set is quite cheap for this great quality.

If you still need more brushes than go for this bigger set – Shany Professional 13-Piece Cosmetic Brush Set. It contains 12 makeup brushes which are made of a combination between animal hair and synthetic hair. The bristles are soft and easy to clean.

Another great set comes from Crown Brush and you can identify it by a number – 517. This set contains every brush you may need and they are of high quality. The handles are pink, as for the bristles’ color, it varies from each brush. These brushes are used by professional makeup artists, as they are great for every type of cosmetic product – powder, creamy or liquid, and they offer precision and an even application. If you know how to use them, then it will be a perfect investment for you.

Now go shopping!

Mascara – Short Guide

Mascara – Short Guide

mascaraMascara is the one makeup product that is not missing from any woman’s purse. Why? Because this makeup product makes our eyes pop up and gives us a sexy look. Next on the article you will find some great mascara with different effects on your eye lashes.

Here are the new mascaras from Bobbi Brown: Smokey Eye Mascara (makes the eyelashes thicker and fuller, and offers them volume one by one; the dramatic look that results in the end works great with smoky eyes makeup); Everything Mascara (it lengthens, thickens, and defines the eyelashes without smearing, smudging or clumping them; it is good for everyday use, to create luscious eyelashes); No Smudge Mascara (it is a waterproof formula, long lasting; it defines, curls and lengthens the eyelashes, without having them smudged, clumped or flaked; you may apply how many coats you want, depending on how dramatic you want to look); Extreme Party Mascara (it offers extra volume to the eyelashes and it separates each one for a fabulous look; the mascara does not dry in the eyelashes, so that you can always add a fresh layer, without clumping, smudging or flaking – this being a brand new innovation in mascara’s world).

Now let’s see some new mascara products from Revlon.

Revlon Lash Potion Volume & Length Mascara creates extra volume and lengthens the eyelashes, creating the false lashes effect. The formula has also proteins which strengthen the eyelashes and makes them pop up.

Revlon Lash Potion Volume & Length Waterproof Mascara has the same properties as the first one, and it is also waterproof. It comes in two shades – black and dark brown.

If you are looking for something to break the patterns you should try e.l.f. Essential Glitter Mascara. It comes in 4 shades and yes, it is made out of glitter! This mascara is great for parties or for fancy evenings. You will for sure capture the attention.
Another way of standing up is using colored mascara. You could try Great Lash Colored Mascara from Maybelline. They come in great 6 shades – all playful colors, offering a dynamic look.

If you don’t want any color at all, but just some healthy looking eyelashes, then you can try e.l.f. Essential Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara. It has 2 ends – one for lashes and one for brows. The eyelashes will be glossy and shinny.
Use one for every occasion.

Face Moisturizers

Face Moisturizers

An important step in the makeup process is the moisturizing. This is why you need to choose a great one fit to your skin complexion. Next, you have a list with recommended skin moisturizers for each skin type.

Let’s start with moisturizers for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin needs protection from the exterior environmental factors and also from the sun, this is way you should use a moisturizer that has SPF protection too. A good one is Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 Moisturizing Face Lotion. It feels light and smooth on the face and it is fragrance-free. Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50 is also good for sensitive skin.

face moisturizeFor dry skin, you may try the following products: Neutrogena Intensified Day Moisture SPF 15 (offers both hydration and sun protection); Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Crème (also with anti-aging effects for mature skin); Origins’ Make A Difference Plus+ (goes deep into the skin layers for wonderful effects like rejuvenating, hydrating and moisturizing; works great with skin suffering from rosacea – it makes all the redness go away); Garnier Skin Naturals Nutritionist Regenerating Daily Moisturizer (recommended for mature skin for achieving more firmness and for looking younger).

For oily skin, you don’t need much moisturizing, but still, there may be moments when your skin needs a little help to balance the shine, and then you could use these products: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel (it has mattifying effects and it absorbs the oil excess from the skin); Garnier Essential Care Daily Moisturizing Lotion (eliminates the shine and offers the skin a healthy look); Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Oil free Moisturizer (with double effect – cleans and moisturizes; it is great for skin with acne because it eliminates it); Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser (a preventative formula that regulates the level of oil on the skin, leaving it with a balanced, great look).

For combination skin you can definitely try the following products: Purely Nourishing Moisturizer — Combination Skin from Bare Minerals (improves the elasticity and skin texture; the result is a luminous and younger looking skin); Complete All Day Moisturizer w/ Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 for Oily Skin / Combination Skin from Olay (it is an oil free and paraben free formula); Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer from Clear Skin (an organic product with natural ingredients, rich in antioxidants, leaves the skin radiating).

Just choose the right one for you.

Ageless Beauty

Ageless Beauty

beauty for every ageLooking good is not a matter of age but more a matter of knowing how to emphasize your features and hide any unwanted flaws. The golden rule for looking amazing at every age is being able to synchronize your makeup with your skin’s needs. You can be fabulous at 50 just by choosing the right makeup and skin care ritual.

Makeup in your 20s

It’s the perfect age for you to experiment, feel sexy and try any color combination you want. Your skin is young and fresh, and all you have to do is to find the makeup that better suits your skin tone and eye color. If you have green or blue eyes go with shades of turquoise, pink, grey or beige. For black or brown eyes chooses shades of gold, shimmer brown and silver. Look natural but sexy, don’t abuse of makeup products and start small skin care ritual that will help you keep your skin looking as good as ever for a long time.

Makeup in your 30s

It’s a beautiful age for women, you are now mature enough to know yourself, your needs regarding fashion and makeup, and you have your own personal style and lots of great features to emphasize. Choose a liquid foundation, don’t forget the concealer in the same shade as the foundation, a daring lipstick and an eyebrow pencil. Start taking even better care of your skin, use quality products and protect yourself from the sun yearlong.

Makeup in your 40s

After 40 you will begin to notice some expression wrinkles on your face, time forgives not; but if you took good care of your skin from an early age, 40 is the time to shine. Accept your age, learn to love all the great things that come with it and deal with the not so pleasant ones. Consider changing your makeup products with more age appropriate ones, replace your black mascara with a brown one and stay away from black eye liner.

Makeup in your 50s

Unfortunately this is the age when more women make their worst makeup choices. Embrace your age and wrinkle, don’t try to hide them by wearing excessive makeup and bright shades of eye shades or lipstick. You might think that intense colors draw attention from your wrinkles but in fact, they’re doing just the opposite. Go with neutral color and just a pinch of dark blue or plum.
Silver or white shades are big no-no at this age, tanned or not. They will only accentuate your wrinkles and make you look years older.

Be classy and discreet; you will look a lot better than you would be trying to hide your age underneath tones of inappropriate makeup.
Don’t give in to routine, match your makeup with your needs; it might take a little more time or need a little more money but trying to repair the things you did wrong throughout the years will cost you way more.

Being a woman is fabulous at any age, and if you know how to take advantage of your makeup you will look and feel stunning all the time!